Reliable FORS-registered Bulk Tipping Service 

Depot Conveniently Located for Yorkshire, the Midlands and Nationwide

Convenience, efficiency, family values

We're proud of our family business, now spanning four generations of Coopers. And we're proud of delivering a superior service for our customers with regular updates to the fleet and driver training.

From our depot in South Kirkby we operate a local and nationwide service transporting 1.75 million tonnes of bulk materials a year. 

Sustainability is very important to us and we've been expanding our fleet to meet the needs of the recycling trade.

Tipper being loaded by digger

Maintaining excellent service standards

Our fleet has grown to nearly 60 modern vehicles, well maintained in our own modern and fully equipped workshops. We own over half the vehicles; the rest belong to our long-serving dedicated owner-drivers. We maintain an extensive database of reliable sub-contract hauliers, to manage large bulk movements anywhere in the country.

Knapen Walking Floor Trailers give us the flexibility to safely handle a wider range of materials. 

Front view of Volvo Euro6 with other Ernest Cooper trucks in background

Best Practices and the latest technology

All our drivers are trained to the highest industry standards. We are members of The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS), the voluntary accreditation scheme that promotes best practice for commercial vehicle operators. FORS provides support and training in all aspects of safety, efficiency, and environmental protection. 

We use sophisticated vehicle management

We're pioneers of the new TomTom Webfleet Tracking System, which helps us to run our fleet more efficiently. 

Vehicles are Euro 5 and 6 LEZ compliant and fitted with automated easy sheets, in-cab weighers and reversing cameras to meet current health and safety requirements at your site.

All our units are now fitted with a forward facing camera, which is always recording. It provides invaluable information when queries arise as the result of a traffic or site incident. 

Volvo Euro6 tipper at full tilt

Products carried

From our early beginnings serving the local quarries, we've become very experienced in moving a range of non-hazardous bulk commodities, including:

  • Glass
  • Stone
  • Biomass
  • Chicken litter
  • Coal
  • Ash
  • Co-mingle
  • Wood
  • Plasterboard
RHA logo, company No 839431

We are RHA members and registered waste carriers, handling a wide range of specialised and non-hazardous products.

Recycling trade

Sustainability and environmental protection are high on our list of priorities and we've been expanding our capabilities to meet the needs of the growing recycling trade.

We collect and deliver various commodities for reprocessing and recycling, notably plastics, glass and wood. Examples:

  • Glass from local authority recycling centres is taken to be crushed at one plant then delivered to another for re-melting and reprocessing.
  • Biomass and chicken litter is delivered to power stations for combustion.